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International Squid Games was created by a simple concept combining the best of a TV concept and tokenomics and creating a token that allows ANYONE and EVERYONE to become very RICH without having to compromise your life. This is a fan made token using the best in the spirit of the show and not licensed by Netflix

About International
Squid Games

International Squid Games was created with the simple idea of combining the best of a TV concept and tokenomics to create a token that allows ANYONE and EVERYONE to become VERY RICH without having to compromise their life.

Just buy and hold and we’ll give you bonuses in form of the hottest game in town: Axie Infinity. Transaction fees from buy and sell orders are redistributed via Axie Infinity (token: AXS) rewards with the highest yields of 7%. No claiming required. AXS are sent automatically to hodlers every 3 hours.

NFTs will launch shortly paying tribute to the players of International Squid Games.

The Squid Game International Edition will also be available for your mobile devices.



7% of every transaction is accumulated for dividends to holders – Paid in Binance Pegged AXS.


Dividends are automatically reflected relative to your holdings; distribution cycle times depend on number of holders in the market and transaction volume - A minimum of 100k tokens is required to be held to qualify for dividend distribution


3% of all transactions will be taken by the contract, a portion will be used for marketing while the bulk of the tax will be used to buy back and burn our token to offset the selling pressure generated by the dividend mechanic. Unlike Squid Games, everyone wins on this deal.


There’s a 2% tax on each transaction to buy and burn each transaction. This reduces total tokens and increases the value for everyone on each transaction.

Total Supply










International Squid Games Mobile and NFT Game

Squid Games broke all the molds and became an international sensation because it took simple mundane children’s games and made them life or death situations for bad adults. If you thought those games were fun and twisted, wait until you see the games we’ve come up with for our mobile device and NFT marketplace.


About: Too obvious. The twist on this game is that its played 1:1.

2 people sit and look into each other’s eyes with ropes already tied around their necks while standing on a very loose chair. Each person is given a different word to solve. As you solve for a letter, one of the guards starts pulling up on the rope. Once you’ve solved for all of the letters your opponent is no longer on the chair and is hung to death.

Musical Chairs

About: Musical chairs is a beloved game by all kids, but its the first game to really bring out people’s aggression.

This game is played 10 stories up in the air. Once the music stops and you're left with no chair, the floor with no chair will be dropped and so will you.

Dodge Ball of Death

About: This innocent children’s game gets twisted by adding that each ball is spiked. Be careful catching it or it can puncture and kill you. The game ends when each and every player on the other team is dead.

Hide and Seek

About: Did you enjoy hide and seek as a child. Well, you’re not going to enjoy this game as the seekers are intelligent drones with guns on them. You must hide for 15 minutes in the maze before the drones either shoot you or drop a bomb on you.





Your AXS

Questions and Answers

What is the purpose of this coin?

International Squid Games was created by simple concept combining the best of a TV and tokenomics to create a token where everyone has a chance to make it rich.

By simply holding, you will earn crypto currencies hottest new coin – Axie Infinity

The longer you hold, the more you earn – it really is that simple.

The devs and mods are ready to answer any questions you may have

Why Axie Infinity

Its the best gaming token today, which is what International Squid Game aspires to become

When will you release the NFT marketplace?

During Phase 2

When will you release the International Squid Game for mobile?

Phase 2 which should be some time in December. We’ve got a team of programmers working on it.

Private sale or pre-sale

There will be no presale. We’re launching with the world together.

What’s the contract address?

The contract is verified and on Binance Smart Chain. 0x7c4f83697da7341e2e6766fede02f3b685343551

Are the Dev’s doxxed?

Not currently. We plan to dox at 50 mill market cap. In the meantime we need to protect ourselves. We will however provide a brief voice AMA prior to launch in order to answer any final questions you may have.

Will the ownership be renounced?

Can you imagine Coinbase or Binance renouncing ownership? The complexity of the contract may need future changes. We need to look for potential changes in gas fees as well as other changes. We as always are committed to the long term success of the token and are committed to transparency.

Will liquidity be locked?


How to Buy

Download Trust Wallet

Go to pancakeswap.finance,

Get to the trade screen

Select the $SQUIDGAMES token, ensure contract is 0x7c4f83697da7341e2e6766fede02f3b685343551

Adjust your slippage to 14%


Pancake Swap is where you'll be performing the swap of your current tokens to $SQUIDGAMES

Get to the trade screen

Select the $SQUIDGAMES token, Contract 0x7c4f83697da7341e2e6766fede02f3b685343551

Click "Setting" at the top right, and adjust your slippage to 14%



Website Launch

Build to 2,000 Telegram and Twitter members organically

Launch Dashboard: Earnings tracking

Launch on Pancake Swap

Submit white paper and token for audit at Tech Rate


Trust logo

Massive marketing campaigns

International Squid Games meetup

CoinGecko Listing

CoinmarketCap Listing

Listing on CEX

Offline advertising & partnerships

International Squid Games the game token swap

Beta launch International Squid Games


Staking and farming

Develop and beta launch NFT game

Work with CoinGecko, CoinMarket Cap and Major Financial Media Articles

Open European, India, and other marketsGaming Eco-system Launch

Launch First Game

List on Major Exchanges